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Who are we?

The pharmaceutical company "Pharmanet" was founded on March 10, 2011, the main goal of the founders was to create a gradually and constantly developing pharmacy network for customers. We offer the high-quality medications and the service you deserve! When we talk about the best conditions, we mean providing you with quality, safe and affordable medicines and services. We are a network for which your health and life come first and price is not the main concern.

Pharmacard advantages

How is the accumulation done?

Points on the pharmacy card are collected in case of purchase of any product and its amount is equivalent to the amount of money spent in our network.

Accumulation rules

Points will be credited to you after using the card at the terminal. Therefore, please present your card to the pharmacist before paying.

Advantages of the card

Receive gifts & participate in raffles and encouraging sales with collected points.

card recovery

Visit the nearest Pharmanet branch or contact us on the hotline. Card recovery fee is 50 points.

Obligations of the owner

To receive a gift with collected points, the owner is obliged to bring the ID card along.

Card cancellation

You can collect points on the card and use it for life. Points collected on a card inactive for 12 months will be automatically deducted.

Why us?

We do not change the doctor's prescription, we take care of your and your family's health at the expense of highly qualified pharmacists and quality medicines!

Pharma Card & Accumulation System

Universal accumulation system Pharmanet's exclusive pharma card allows you to collect and then buy medicines or various items in Pharmanet networks with already collected points.

Weekly discounts

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at Pharmanet branches, you will find many discounts on medicines.

Turkish medicines

In our branches, you will find a large selection and competitive prices for Turkish medicines.